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Meet Stephanie

Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition Expert

Stephanie is a former 16 year ballerina and recreational triathlete who has always understood the demands of training, and the importance of body maintenance and mobility. She began teaching yoga full time in 2012 at YogaFlow SF and Planet Granite in San Francisco, CA. During that time, she also created Endure Yoga, a movement method for recovery and athletic resilience. With a focus on athletes and her own fitness journey, she found CrossFit in 2015, and began coaching at CrossFit Marin. During that time, she also coached kids gymnastics for ages 6months to 12 years...

After moving back to her hometown of San Diego, she began working with private clients and as a gymnastics coach at SD United, both as a coach for the recreational athletes and the gymnastics team. She then joined the CrossFit Humanity team and in March of 2020, she became the General Manager, through Covid openings and closings, ownership changes, 100+ person events, community gatherings and much more.


Over the years, she’s also continued to be a student and in December of 2021, passed the CrossFit Level 3 Certification exam to become a Certified CrossFit Coach. And this past April, she passed the NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) test. 

Coach Stephanie Ring
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She currently is the Head Coach at Stay Classy CrossFit located in Logan Heights (San Diego, CA) and continues to works with kids, teens, collegiate and professional athletes, and adults in areas like strength and conditioning, movement, nutrition, and lifestyle support.

Stephanie also opens up her garage gym, Side Yard Athletics, to Claremont (92111) locals looking for convenient and affordable training that is close to home.

Along with coaching, Stephanie has written and published e-books, and developed online programs for yoga, strength and post-workout recovery. She has also written over 50 articles for fitness publications including Oxygen Magazine, Muscle and Performance,, SweatRX and

And these days, you can catch Stephanie on her off days, taking long walks by the beach with her trusty pitbull Mylo, spending hours gardening or lounging around cuddling with her animals, and enjoying outings with friends and family (nieces pictured). 


She also continues to train like an athlete 4-5x a week, and works each day to check off the healthy habits boxes that are critical toward improving her strength, recovery and overall athletic performance. 


Walk everyday. 

Be in nature regularly.

Get consistent and adequate sleep.

Exercise with intent 4-5x a week. 

Eat nutritious whole foods to fuel your body. 

Spend quality time with family and friends.

Continue to learn and expand your mind.

Manage and limit digital influence and consumption.

Coach Stephanie Ring
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